Do you know what it is in that 2009-April folder stored on your awesome backup system? I have such a folder, it is 13 GB in size, every file is tagged with explanatory texts like “Bella the dog in forest”. I can recall that day but I cant recall the footage and moments. This might be a bad example but my point is that forgotten videos is a problem. We are hording videos in an ever increasing speed and there is no sign this will stop anytime soon. You are in big problem when the content of backed up videos are forgotten about but you are not alone. Most people tend to forget what is on a specific HDD after a while even if they know it is videos from 2010. When the content of the videos are forgotten about the value to you is decreased and to regain the value you are forced to make an excavation in your video folders.

One way around this is to do proper cataloging via programs like fast video cataloger where you catalog and archive hundred or thousands of videos and keep the catalog metadata. The catalogs metadata consists of keywording, thumbnails and even low resolution version of the original videos that can be browsed, searhced and viewed without touching your vides that are archived.