The age of information and data is putting pressure on us all to consume and understand as much data as possible as fast as possible. This hard fact push the evolution of the means of communicating information to a time when text is no longer the obvious king of information. Many of feel that reading is not the sexiest, fastest or most suitable way to consume information so we choose other options when available.

Video clips is gaining huge as an information bearer in everything from education to cooperate messages. Many hope that 2013 is the year when video get the long overdue breakthrough and I am one of them. In parallel the growth of visualization and infographs is picking up speed with services like and and might very well be the real information king of 2013.

I am not making the case that Infographics are stronger than video in communicating information to the consumer but you get better overview and have quick availability to all of the information.

Since video is linear and infographics are not we need to help video overcome this built in weakness and I am surprised the issue don’t get more attention. We are doing what we can to address it in Fast Video Cataloger and we hope it will help professional users of video around the globe.