When I read the post by Jake Oelman at BarCode Films my mind went directly to Agile development within IT projects. All 5 challenges are a direct match. I apologize if some visitors see this mapping as “fuzzy” but I found it very interesting that film making projects face the identical challenges to IT projects. Most interestingly, they are also promoting similar solutions.

A directors view on filmmaking projects

  • 1. Every Take Is An Option

This is one of those things that most filmmakers take for granted.

  • 2. Double Your Prep Time

For a lot of filmmakers, not just first timers, doubling your prep time is essential.

  • 3. Edit While You Shoot

There’s a reason all the big movies do this.

  • 4. Stay in the NOW

There’s nothing a scene or your actors need more than a director who is present.

  • 5. Communication is King

Other than over-analyzing a scene or a shot, good communication is an enormous benefit.

IT projects and Agile development

  • 1. Appreciate the options as they appear

Even if a design and plan seems solid, there are always options that pop up during down the road that will add quality to the final result. Do it at the right cost. From the Agile Manifesto “Responding to change over following a plan”.

  • 2. Double Your Prep Time

Know what you are programming before you start, design it well, review the design, write test-cases before you start and make sure everybody knows and understands the whole picture..

  • 3. Test and verify While You program

This applies to the trend of taking small steps at the time, and always being able to test what you have built and see it is working AND if it is what your stakeholders and managers want.

  • 4. Stay in the NOW

It is here and now that a project becomes successful. Not in the excel sheet counting hours. IT might sound boring but with passion and the right attitude, the results can be exciting!

  • 5. Communication is King

There is a saying in Agile IT development that states “Individuals and interactions over processes and tools”.

I am not a director so I can’t comment with own experience on the world of filmmaking but I have vast experience of IT projects and products and the challenges seem to be the same in my world as well.

I would happily discuss this topic further if someone is interested. Just tweet me.