Video Scene Search

Video Scene Search

Fast Video Cataloger supports video scene search and individual keyword tagging of video scenes. When your video catalog contains tagged individual scenes you will quickly find just the videos containing what you are searching for and the right scenes in the videos.

How does video scene search save you time?

The scene search in fast video cataloger allows you to find all the scenes with the content you are searching for across your entire video cataloger. You no longer have to scan through videos manually. You can also filter your results on video search terms to narrow down your search even further.

Fast video Cataloger also allows you to start playing the video right from the scene. You will no longer waste time playing and scrubbing videos.

Example: Video scene search in video forensics.

Create a catalog for a case with all relevant videos files and tag relevant scenes containing people of interest or actions of interest. You will have all the material for your investigation readily available at your fingertip all in one place.

Example: Video scene search for special effect artists.

When working as a special effect artist, it is very important to have access to a large library of effect scenes. A large reference library will help you gather inspiration as will as leverage work that others have done before in the field. Create a local video library with all relevant videos and tag the special effect scenes to be able to compare, replay and quickly find what others have done before you.

How do you tag video scenes?

In Fast Video Cataloger select the video you want to tag. Select the scenes/thumbnails you want to tag with a keyword and enter the new keyword in the “Keywording” text field.

How do you search for tagged scenes?

In Fast video cataloger, click the scene tab and enter your search keyword. You will see a list of all the found scenes. You can start playing each scene right away in the integrated video player.

How to download Fast video cataloger?

Go to and download a fully functional free trial version.