Companion image preferences

video companion images

In the tab Companion Images, you control how companion images are presented, added, and referenced from inside your catalog. As with videos, the actual image is not included in the catalog, only the path to the image.

Add companion images

When a folder contains images alongside the videos, these images are added as companion images for all the videos in that folder.

From folder with the same name

For each video, look for sub-folders with the same name as the video and add any images in that folder as companion images for that video.

Search subfolders for images

When searching for companion images, also search in subfolders.

Only add covers as images

Only add image files if it match one of the cover names, and if one is added, treat it as the cover image.

Cover name

“Cover name” lets you set a custom filename, without extension, to treat as a front cover. When a companion image is added to the video, the name is checked against this name and if it matches, it will be set as a front cover.

Image Slideshow

Play companion images as a slideshow in the companion image window.

Image slideshow time

Specify for how many seconds each image in the slideshow should be displayed.

Image slideshow random

Randomize the slideshow image order. Every image for the video will be displayed once before we repeat it from the start.

Include Actor images

Should Actor companion images be included in the list of Companion images for each video? If this option is set to Yes, then the whole Actor image set for each selected video will be included in their slideshows. You can also opt to use Actor images for videos that do not have Companion images explicitly designated. NOTE: This option can harm performance if a video has many actors along with its companion images since a fresh list is created each time you change the video selection. If you have a performance issue, try toggling the option.

Companion thumbnails

Set the sizer of the thumbnail used for companion images in the companion image browser.


video companion images