Play from any video screenshot

In Fast Video Cataloger you always have a good overview of what a video clip contains from the automatically extracted video screenshots.

Fast video cataloger also has an integrated video player using Microsoft Direct Show technology, the same system used in windows media player. Because of DirectShow Fast video cataloger supports virtually all video file formats supported by Windows. The program even supports codecs that wasn’t availble when we released Fast video cataloger. the only thing required is that you install the needed video codecs. When you install Fast video cataloger the program will ask you if you want to install codecs for the most common vidoe formats.

Using the integrated video player you can start playing your videos from any of the captured screenshots. The video thumbnail screenshots searves as a quick overview of the entire video but also as jump point into the most interesting part of a video, with fast video cataloger you will spend much less time clicking the fast forward and rewind buttons.

And, if using the player you can easily add any video frame to the thumbnail overview. You can also use the burst function to add a bunch of frames in one go.

With Fast Video Cataloger you can start playing the video at just the right point, how many hours will that save you?