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Fast video cataloger makes it quicker, more productive and less frustrating to work with large video collections.

  • Search and filter your video catalog to quickly and find just what you are looking for.
  • Organize your video catalog by tagging, rating, categorize, describing and linking.
  • Select a single video frame to represent your video in the search results.
  • View overview thumbnail screenshots of all videos to see if you have the right video without playing it.
  • Video wall presents your videos in a time-lapsed view.

Fast Video Cataloger will help you find what you are looking for in a flash!

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The typical Fast video cataloger user has more than 3000 videos in his collection. When you have this many clips it becomes a challenge to find specific videos or scenes. Fast video cataloger is the best tool to help you bring order to your video chaos. By first doing a tag search on videos or scenes high level you can quickly narrow down the number of possible videos in your search.

When you have narrowed down your set of possible videos you can simply browse video thumbnails to find the exact scene you are looking for.

Professionals use Fast video cataloger today to save time and organize video file collections with videos like;

  • Feature movies
  • Video stock footage
  • Recorded video presentations
  • Video special effects
  • Music videos
  • Job interview videos
  • Recorded presentations, education videos and video courses
  • Surveillance videos
  • Product videos
  • Recorded video games
  • Marketing videos
  • Software tutorial videos
  • Adult videos
  • Go-pro videos
  • Marketing and Testimonial videos
  • Forensic videos