Free reader mode

Reader mode activated

Free Reader Mode

The Fast Video Cataloger free reader mode is activated automatically when the free trial period is over. In reader mode you are restricted from creating new catalogs or adding videos but you can always unlock your software again by purchasing a valid license. The reader mode opens many new opportunities for collaboration on your work with video.

  • You can share your catalog files(.vcat) to your team or client for comments and proposals on what scenes need more post production effort
  • Create a great catalog with all your demo reels with great frames captured and keywords added to highlight your work expertise
  • For educational purposes you can share your videos with keyworded scenes with students in your class. Which scenes are shot with what lens, camera, technique, lights etc

Why does the reader mode exist?

We want Fast Video Cataloger to add as much value as possible to you as a user. And Fast Video Cataloger adds value to your collaboration with others. Via the reader mode you can now collaborate with whoever you wish without any extra licenses.