Fast Video Cataloger is reviewed at the find my soft web site.

Update 2022, this post refers to a review of the 2013 version of the software. Much has happened since this was written. If you want to read more recent feedback and reviews of the software have a look at this page.

Usually, download sites just gives away Awards without even looking at the software ( to get backlinks to their site) and I just ignore their request to get a link. Find my soft however, seems to have actually installed and tested the program, they invested the time and effort of creating a video. I wish more sites would follow their example.

review2_4_Fast Video Cataloger_award

Go to to read the Review or download it to test yourself.

We got a negative feedback note as well, and this adds credibility. No software is pure gold. The wording in the review is that “The interface and functionality don’t seem too intuitive, especially when beginners use the application.” . That might actually be true, I just wished they had spent some more time with the program.

We recently added the getting started guide to make it a bit easier to get started. Fast video cataloger is designed with efficient workflow in mind, we spend much focus on the details here. You can setup a working environment to suit your needs with the dockable user interface and this will obviously be more complex than a simple step-by-step wizard-like interface. However, I think that the style of interface we have now will enable you to work much quicker once you get started.

If you have a Review of Fast video cataloger on your site, please let us know. If you want tips or help when doing a Review do not hesitate to Contact me.